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Visit the Mullerthal with local photographer Christophe Van Biesen - Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland - Photography by Alfonso Salgueiro Lora
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Luxembourg’s Mullerthal region is a hidden gem in the only Grand-Duchy in the world. With its picturesque waterfalls, abundant woodlands and impressive rock formations, the Mullerthal is a paradise for hikers and photographers alike.

About the Mullerthal Nature Reserve

Mullerthal Nature Reserve (Parc naturel du Mullerthal), or 'Mëllerdall' in Luxembourgish, was founded in 2016 and is the most recent of Luxembourg's three nature reserves. It groups together 12 municipalities (Beaufort, Bech, Berdorf, Consdorf, Echternach, Fischbach, Heffingen, Larochette, Mompach, Nommern, Rosport and Waldbillig) along the German border in eastern Luxembourg, over a total area of 256 km2 and with a population of 23,000 residents.

The region's main features are its spectacular rock formations, steep slopes and breathtaking panoramic views over the high plateaus, deep valleys and extensive forests. But above all, its landscape spotted with surprising rocky hills are what have earned this region the nickname of 'Luxembourg's Little Switzerland'.

This green region, which also includes the valleys of the Black Ernz, White Ernz and the Lower Sûre, invites hikers to stroll through the corridors carved into rocks, and offers climbing or mountain biking for more sporty visitors.” (source: The official portal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)

The Schiessentümpel waterfall

This tiny but beautiful waterfall is probably the most iconic location in the region. The Black Ernz river separates into three small streams under a picturesque man-made bridge. There are several good viewpoints right in front of the waterfall. However if you wish a more unique point of view don’t be afraid to head into the ankle-deep waters. Neutral density filters as well as a circular polarising filter are very helpful to photograph this waterfall.

Hint: visit this place early to avoid the crowds.

The waterfalls are beautiful from every single angle and in every season:

The Kalktuffquelle

This unique place can be described as a dripping waterfall. While it’s a beautiful place to visit most of the year, when the rocks are covered with green moss and ferns, and the water has a deep turquoise colour, the location gets really amazing during winter. When the temperature drops below zero for several days in a row, the water droplets begin to form icicles all along the rock wall. Now the waterfall is frozen into place and has become a true sight to behold. Beware not to break the icicles while visiting, so that other people may enjoy the spectacle as well.


The high rock walls near Berdorf are a coveted location for climbers. Atop the Berdorf plateau you can enjoy magnificent views over the valley. For photography you should come here during sunset.

On the opposite side of Berdorf lies the Hohllay cave, a large man-made cavern which dates back to the Roman Empire.


The woods near Consdorf feature some of the most impressive natural rock formations in the region. Don’t be afraid of the dark and venture into narrow slot canyons and poorly lit caves. Bring a flashlight and a tripod if you intend to photograph this place.

Join our photography workshop

For several years in a row now I have led a photography workshop together with my friend and fellow photographer Alfonso Salgueiro Lora through some of the Mullerthal most beautiful parts. Not only do we guide you to some of the locations mentioned in this article, but we also teach you how to capture them with your camera. The next edition of the workshop is planned on 28 June 2020!

Photography Workshop | Mullerthal | Luxembourg's Little Switzerland
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Photography Workshop | Mullerthal | Luxembourg's Little Switzerland

28 June 2020

Landscape photography workshop in Luxembourg’s Mullerthal region.

Join professional landscape photographers Christophe Van Biesen and Alfonso Salgueiro Lora to explore the iconic Mullerthal region with its picturesque waterfalls and impressive rock formations.

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