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Buy artworks made in Luxembourg

Are you looking to decorate your home with some unique images made in Luxembourg?
Are you a company in Luxembourg that needs to brighten up its office space and fill some empty white walls?
Or maybe you are looking for a typical Luxembourgish leaving gift, business gift, retirement gift, wedding gift or birthday gift?
You have come to the right place!

My images of Luxembourg are available as limited edition fine art prints in all shapes and sizes, on various materials, and for all types of budgets.

Browse my Gallery to discover some of my favourite and most popular pictures.
You can also request my price list, purchase a voucher or schedule an appointment to visit my atelier in Luxembourg.

If you are a company in Luxembourg, you may want to look into my Art Leasing options.


About limited edition pictures

After a lot of experimenting with different materials I have selected two options for you to choose from when purchasing one of my fine art prints. I believe these are the best materials to render a faithful and true colour print of my images.

On some rare occasion I might choose to print a particular picture on a different kind of material. I do also quote a few other materials, such as canvas or aluminium, upon request.


Fine Art Paper Prints - Luxembourg - Art - Limited Edition - Singed and Numbered - Photography by Christophe Van Biesen - Luxembourg Landscape and Travel Photographer

Fine art paper prints come as museum-quality, archival pigment prints, professionally printed on museum grade fine art paper.
Paper prints are framed in a black aluminium frame with a white passepartout/mat.

Fine art paper prints framed with mat/passepartout are available in the following standard sizes:

  • 40x30cm (16”x12”)

  • 60x40cm (24"x16")

  • 90x60cm (35"x24")

Please note that the size and availability may vary for different aspect ratios like standard 3:2, classic 4:3, panoramic 16:9 or square 1:1. Please also note that some pictures are printed exclusively on acrylic glass and are therefore not available as fine art paper prints.

All framed fine art paper prints come as limited edition signed and numbered prints. Each limited edition framed fine art paper print is accompanied by a signed and dated certificate of authenticity.


Acrylic Glass Prints - Luxembourg - Art - Limited Edition - Singed and Numbered - Photography by Christophe Van Biesen - Luxembourg Landscape and Travel Photographer

Acrylic glass prints have a very stylish and modern look. Colours come out especially bright in these top-of-the-line art prints.

Acrylic glass prints are available in the folliowing standard sizes:

  • 60x40cm (24"x16")

  • 75x50cm (30"x20")

  • 90x60cm (35"x24")

  • 120x80cm (47"x32")

  • 150x100cm (59"x39")

Please note that sizes may vary for certain pictures. Larger sizes might also be available for a small selection of pictures.

All acrylic glass prints come as limited edition signed and numbered prints. Each limited edition acrylic glass print is accompanied by a signed and dated certificate of authenticity.


Although I have a large selection of artworks in all sizes available for purchase at my atelier, I might not have the picture you would like to acquire in stock.
All sizes below 40x30cm are produced directly in my atelier and are ready for pickup within 24 hours.
For all larger sizes, if the picture is not in stock, but if there are still editions available for purchase, it may take about 7 days for the production of the artwork.


All artworks can be picked up at my atelier in Steinfort, Luxembourg.
For large orders, delivery in Luxembourg and the Greater Region is possible at extra cost.


International delivery is only available for unframed fine art paper prints.

I currently do not offer international delivery for framed fine art paper prints or acrylic glass prints due to the risk of breaking the artworks during transport.

If you live abroad and wish to enquire about shipping rates, please contact me.

Art voucher

Are you thinking of gifting one of my artworks?

My fine art prints make a very nice gift, but choosing from a large selection of pictures can be a daunting task and is also a matter of personal taste.

This is where my vouchers come into play. Instead of choosing a picture for the lucky gifted, you can gift them a voucher. Get together with friends, family or colleagues, determine your budget and purchase a voucher that the gifted can then use to choose and acquire one, or several, of my fine art prints.

A gift voucher with style

My art vouchers are not a simple piece of paper! Every voucher comes as self-standing small acrylic glass prints of a random image and is wrapped in a small card-box. If you need the voucher right away, you can come pick it up at my atelier. Otherwise I will deliver it to you by mail.

Luxembourg Colours and Seasons Art Collection - Home - Gift - Black Aluminium Frame - 70x50cm - Photography by Christophe Van Biesen - Luxembourg Landscape and Travel Photographer.jpg


The Luxembourg Art Collection was first released back in March 2016 and features many unique pictures of Luxembourg. The artworks that are part of this collection are signed and numbered limited editions. They have been exhibited in several exhibition in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Since their release nearly 200 fine art prints have been sold to private clients. 

The artworks of this collection have also proven to be very popular among companies in Luxembourg. In 2016, the Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat acquired a collection of 24 artworks for a private permanent exhibition in the prestigious ARBED building.


Pretty much anybody who loves Luxembourg!

The images of the Luxembourg Art Collection are available in all kinds of sizes in various price ranges. They are printed on two different materials as described above.
Have a look at the Gallery to have an overview of the available images that are part of the collection.


Choosing and buying an artwork is always better when you can see it in person. That is why I would be more than happy to welcome you to my atelier in Steinfort, Luxembourg.
To make an appointment, please contact me.

Company visits

If your company is based in Luxembourg and you intend to invest in several of my artworks I would be happy to come by your office in order to give you more information about my images, plan out the placement of each artwork and provide your company with a free quote.


Luxembourg Acrylic Glass Print - Office - Glossy Acrylic Glass Print on Black Aluminium - 160x80cm - City in Motion - Photography by Christophe Van Biesen.jpg

Contact me

Do you have any questions about my fine art prints? Would you like to request my price list?
Would you like to purchase a gift voucher or do you wish to make an appointment to visit my atelier?
Get in touch by filling out your details below.

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If you have already chosen a picture that you wish to buy, please let me know its title (this information can be found in the Gallery by hovering over the picture in full screen view). Please also let me know your choice of material as well as the approximate size you are looking for. If you wish to visit my atelier, please let met know a few time slots that would suite you.
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