Photography Workshop | Hallerbos | Belgium's Bluebell Forest

Photography Workshop | Hallerbos | Belgium's Bluebell Forest

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21 April 2019

Landscape photography workshop in the enchanted Belgian bluebell forest, Hallerbos.

Explore this iconic location with professional landscape photographers Alfonso Salgueiro Lora and Christophe Van Biesen.

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Join us for a landscape photography workshop in the Hallerbos, Belgium's magical bluebell forest. This workshop starts in the woods at daybreak in order to take advantage of the best lighting conditions. You will learn our photography techniques and hopefully head home with some stunning images of these unique woodlands.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at any level of photographer who wishes to improve their photography. From beginners who wish to learn the basics of photography, through intermediate photographers looking to improve their skill, all the way to advanced photographers who have mastered their craft and wish to visit great locations and find new inspiration. The goal is to enjoy our time together and have fun discovering new techniques and locations, leaving you inspired and motivated to capture stunning landscape photos.

What will you get out of this workshop?

Apart from some stunning pictures, here are some more things you will benefit from by attending this workshop:

  • Demystification of some of the more confusing camera settings, such as the exposure triangle, the histogram, highlights and shadows, focus, etc.

  • Understanding different shooting modes and the advantages of using RAW files

  • How to visualise an image even before taking out your camera

  • Help with choosing the right lens and focal length depending on the situation and the image you wish to create

  • Help with composition and how it can impact the eye of the viewer

  • Help with understanding light and how it can dramatically change the mood of each picture

  • How to use filters and bracket exposures

  • How to create panoramic pictures

  • How to get the most out of your picure in post processing with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Key features of this workshop

  • 4-5 hours on location shooting

  • 1-2 hours editing session with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

  • Easy/moderate hiking with very little elevation gain

  • Workshop guidance in English | Multilingual workshop guides (French, German, Spanish)

  • Maximum of 8 participants

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What is included

  • Meet and greet in a pre-arranged location

  • Quick breakfast on the go and briefing

  • Guided tour to some of the most beautiful spots of the Hallerbos

  • Advice by two professional landscape photographers while on location

  • Late morning editing session with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC on the pictures you took earlier during the day

  • Post-workshop feedback on your pictures by your workshop guides as well as by your fellow workshop photographers through a private Facebook group

What is not included

  • Transportation to and from Hallerbos

  • Accommodation

  • Lunch

  • Insurance

What should you bring?

Camera equipment

  • Camera
    You should obviously bring your camera, preferably a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Compact cameras or smartphones are not recommended.

  • Lenses
    Bringing various lenses will allow you to capture the landscape from different angles.
    You should at least bring a standard lens (24-70mm on a full-frame sensor). A wide angle lens and a telephoto lens such as 70-200mm can also be very useful. Bringing a macro lens will allow you to create close-up shots.

  • Laptop with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
    You should bring along a computer to edit your pictures during the afternoon editing session. Make sure to pre-install Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. You can download a free trial on Adobe's website.

  • Other equipment
    You should definitely bring a tripod for this workshop. You will also need spare batteries. If you own any filters, you should bring them too.

  • Manual for your camera


Since this workshop will mostly take place outside, please dress appropriately depending on the weather conditions. You should also wear good hiking shoes. In case of cold weather don't forget your gloves.


The Hallerbos is one of Belgium's best kept secrets. These magical woodlands lie near Brussels, the country's capital. Every year the floor of these woods is covered in a thick carpet of bluebells. In recent years, the Hallerbos has become a hotspot for visitors from all over the globe who wish to witness this stunning spectacle by Mother Nature. It is no wonder the bluebell forest has also become a coveted location for landscape photographers. There are plenty of opportunities to capture stunning images no matter the weather conditions. If you haven't been to Belgium's Hallerbos yet, you should definitely add it to your Bucket list.

More information

Time and Duration

The workshop takes place in the morning and includes between 4 to 5 hours of on-location shooting as well as a 1 to 2 hours editing session.
The exact time and meeting location will be communicated to you by e-mail once you have a reserved a spot for the workshop.


While we cannot offer you official transportation to the workshop locations since this would not be covered by our insurance, we do encourage car sharing. Once the workshop is fully booked and the date approaches, we put all workshop participants in contact with each other so that car sharing opportunities can be arranged.


There is a fair amount of hiking planned in order to reach some of the most photogenic locations. This is why it is important that you wear comfortable shoes and dress accordingly to the weather conditions.


The weather plays a very important role in creating great pictures and while we will do our very best to ensure that you go home with something to show for, we cannot guarantee that we will have the ideal conditions for the workshop. Sun, rain, snow or mist can all be interesting weather conditions for this workshop, so we will only postpone or cancel the workshop in case of extreme weather conditions. The main goal of this workshop is to teach you our techniques so that you can apply them in the future as well.


While most of the workshop will be in English, we are also able to give some explanations in French, German and Spanish depending on the language skills of each participant.

Group size

This workshop is limited to 8 participants.
Please note that subscribing to the workshop only covers participation for one single person.
Each participant has to subscribe individually.

Your workshop guides

 Workshop Guide - Christophe Van Biesen - Luxembourg Landscape and Travel Photographer

Christophe Van Biesen
Professional Landscape and Travel Photographer

Speaks English, French and German

Shoots Fujifilm and Canon

 Workshop Guide - Alfonso Salgueiro Lora

Alfonso Salgueiro Lora
Professional Landscape, Performing Arts and Architecture Photographer

Speaks English, French and Spanish

Shoots Sony and Canon


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Cancellation and refund policy

  • You are eligible for a full refund if you cancel your subscription to the workshop 30 days prior to the workshop date. Cancellations beyond that time frame will not be refunded.

  • In case of extreme weather conditions, the workshop might be postponed to a later date or cancelled. In case of cancellation you will be refunded in full.

  • If the workshop is cancelled for any other reason, for example due to sickness of your workshop guide(s), you will be refunded in full.


  • It is highly recommended that you get a travel and medical insurance. Your own domestic medical insurance and private health scheme might not cover you whilst you are travelling abroad.

  • The workshop is always dependent on weather. The workshop will not be cancelled in case of light rain or cold temperatures, but in case of extreme weather conditions, the organiser(s) reserve the right to postpone or cancel the workshop.

  • The organiser(s) also reserve the right to cancel the workshop in case of insufficient attendance.