Still Waters | Acrylic Glass Block

Still Waters | Acrylic Glass Block


Acrylic Glass Block featuring the picture Still Waters.

The perfect gift for someone who loves Luxembourg or is looking for a souvenir to remember a trip to the only Grand-Duchy in the world.

Size: 10x15cm

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Acrylic Glass Block

The perfect souvenir from Luxembourg

These beautifully crafted Acrylic Glass Blocks are perfect as a gift for somebody who loves Luxembourg. They are also the perfect souvenir from your trip to the only Grand-Duchy in the world.

Images gain visual depth and brilliance inside a block of acrylic glass. The block’s transparent edges are polished, meaning you can see through all sides to every razor-sharp detail in the picture. Blocks are glossy and crystal clear with precise details and vivid colours. They are free-standing with 25mm (almost 1 inch) of acrylic glass for sculptural presence with maximum depth. Blocks are UV-protected and non-breakable for long-lasting brilliance and a crystal clear view. Images are printed on high-end Kodak Pro Endura photo paper which features sharp details and deep colours.

Acrylic Glass Blocks come in three different sizes: small 10x10cm, medium 15x10cm and large 20x20cm. They feature all kinds of different pictures made in Luxembourg.

Blocks are packaged securely in a cardboard box and shipped worldwide.

Featured picture

Still Waters | Classic view in Luxembourg City's Grund neighbourhood

As seen at the Luxembourg House

If you wish to see the Acrylic Glass Blocks up close, visit the Luxembourg House Concept Store in the city's centre.

Luxembourg Acrylic Glass Block Selection - Various Sizes - Gift Souvenir Trip Travel Luxembourg - Photography by Christophe Van Biesen - Luxembourg Landscape and Travel Photographer