The Narrows - Streets of Luxembourg

I have been looking for some new angles during my photo walks while waiting for spring to reanimate our fair city of Luxembourg. Instead of photographing the wide and open landscapes and cityscape you have grown to expect of me, I decided to concentrate on some smaller details of Luxembourg City. With this new series of pictures that I will simply call "The Narrows", I photographed some of the city's small streets. Some of these streets are well-known, others are so small and hidden that most people have never set foot there. See for yourself and ask yourself if you have ever been in one of these streets of Luxembourg City.

Up to now, all pictures in this series have been created during a single afternoon. As it is the case most of the time in Luxembourg, the weather was pretty cloudy, but it wasn't the soup I am used to. Oh yes, I call it 'soup', that grey dull weather, when the whole sky is just uniformly grey. No sun, no light, no blue, no relief, just a single layer of grey soup. Thankfully, during my photo walk on that day, there were still a few dramatic clouds and a few blue openings here and there.

Rue de l'eau

Rue du St-Esprit

Rue de la Monnaie

Rue de la Loge

I might add some more pictures to this series later when I will find the time to shoot some more narrow streets of Luxembourg. In the meantime, do not hesitate to comment or write me to let me know if you enjoyed this series.

Thanks for reading.