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Commission work

Hire a photographer in Luxembourg to create the images you need

I had the pleasure to work with various clients in Luxembourg on small and large projects related to landscape, travel and nature photography. I would be happy to collaborate with you and your company to realise your photography project.

While you flesh out your project, let me worry about all your needs related to the images you need. Get in touch and tell me about your project. I will gladly discuss the details with you and provide you with a free quote.

Discover some projects I have worked on

Golf Club
Grand Ducal



Work with me - Commission Work - Golf Club Grand Ducal Luxembourg Senningerberg - Hole 13 - Photography by Christophe Van Biesen - Luxembourg Landscape and Travel Photographer.jpg
GCGD - Golf Club Grand Ducal - Luxembourg - Logo

Golf Club Grand Ducal

Creating a series of images to illustrate the Golf Club's new website and marketing campaign

Photographing the golf course of the Golf Club Grand Ducal has been one of the most interesting projects I have had the pleasure to work on. The goal of this assignment was to create a series of images captured through the seasons in order to reflect the beauty of the golf course. Focussing on nature photography and giving each picture a distinct feature for each of the 18 holes of the golf course proved to be particularly challenging, but also made this project a lot of fun to take on.

Over the course of several months and multiple visits at different times of the day, including some very early sunrises and late sunsets, a series of images came to life. These pictures now illustrate the Golf Club Grand Ducal's new website.

Work with me - Commission Work - Boeing 747 of Luxembourg's Cargolux fleet - Spread your Wings - Photography by Christophe Van Biesen - Luxembourg Landscape and Travel Photographer.jpg
Cargolux - Luxembourg - Logo


Photographing planes of the Luxembourgish cargo airline

Cargolux, the Luxembourgish cargo airline, hired me to come by their facilities and take pictures of their planes. Of course, I couldn't resist such an opportunity and see those planes up close and even go shoot inside them.

I have been on the tarmac several times since my first commission from Cargolux. I documented the arrival of several new additions to the cargo airlines fleet of planes, such as the Boeing 747-8F “City of Contern” and Cargolux's 30th plane since 1979, the "Joe Sutter - Father of the 747" which honours the inventor of the famous aircraft.

As tradition demands it, each new airplane is greeted by firetrucks that create a big water fountain through which the planes drive through on their way to the unloading bay. Unloading is done quickly and efficiently: unloading, refuelling, checking, cleaning, and so on… On my first visit at the Cargolux center, I was pretty much running everywhere around the place, inside and outside of the planes. At some point I even used a staircase on wheels to get a higher vantage point of the exterior of the plane. When I took the staircase, one of the guys checking the plane smiled at me and said "Just don't make a dent"! I didn't.

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