Luxembourg Calendar 2019 (Pre-order)

Luxembourg Calendar 2019 (Pre-order)

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A3-sized calendar with 12 beautiful images of Luxembourg, with some of its most prominent sights and landmarks as well as some typical countryside views.

Now available for pre-order
Expected to start shipping mid-October 2018
Limited number of editions
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About this year's calendar

This will be the 4th year in a row that I am publishing my images in the Luxembourg Calendar. All images contained in this calendar are mine and the design, edition and publication is also done by myself.

While I turned to Kickstarter to finance previous calendars, this year's calendar will be available exclusively for pre-order on this website. I expect the calendars to start shipping around mid-October.

Advantages of pre-ordering the Luxembourg Calendar

If you intend to buy one or more copies of the new calendar, thank you for pre-ordering them now, so that I can estimate how many copies I should print. I am aiming for about the same amount as in previous years, and once all copies are sold, I won't reprint the calendar.

All pre-orders will benefit from a reduced early bird price which makes the Luxembourg Calendar more affordable than ever before! Once pre-orders are closed, the regular price will apply.

If you wish to pre-order a large number of calendars, please contact me for a special discount.

About the fabrication and content of the Luxembourg Calendar

For the first time, the new calendar will be in portrait orientation, which will allow me to use a whole different selection of pictures that I was unable to publish in previous editions of the Luxembourg Calendar. You can expect plenty of fabulous views of Luxembourg City and the Grand-Duchy's countryside, printed with the usual high quality standards previous calendars were made with. This is an A3-sized calendar with 12 beautiful images of Luxembourg.

If you love Luxembourg this calendar is made for you: Luxembourg’s gorgeous Grund neighbourhood, wondrous winter landscapes from the countryside of the Grand-Duchy, as well as intimate pictures of well-known landmarks. The pictures are the star of the show. They are large and take most of the space. There is of course the year, month and calendar days on every page and I also include a little legend for each picture with its title and a small description.

The calendar includes all Luxembourgish public holidays and comes with a metal spine and a hook for easy hanging.

Help me select the images for this year's calendar

The best part of the new Luxembourg Calendar is that you will able to participate in the selection process of some of the images that I will include. By following me on Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to vote for your favourite images.

*Please note that all images shown above are still a work in progress. The final design might still change slightly and the selection of images might also change depending on the results of the public polls.



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