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Exhibition at the European Investment Bank

  • European Investment Bank 98 Boulevard Konrad Adenauer 1115 Luxembourg Luxembourg (map)

"My Luxembourg" exhibition at the EIB

The exhibition is on display from 23rd May to 10th June in the East-West passage at the EIB. I am very happy to exhibit my work in such a great location and I'm very grateful that the EIB has accepted to display my pictures. The dedicated space for exhibitions at the EIB is very well placed and very well lit. This is also the first time I see so many of my pictures hanging in one place. I tried to place the pictures according to the various seasons and also according to the locations where they were made and what landmarks they were showing. I must admit, this is the most professional display for my pictures yet. All frames are levelled correctly. :-)


The vernissage of the exhibition took place on Monday the 23rd May. I was very happy to meet quite a few people that work at the EIB. Some of them have been following my work for a few years now. It is always special to meet the people that have contributed to my motivation to create more and better pictures. I would probably do just as much photography even if it were only for myself, but having the support of my fans is a real driving force behind my pictures.

Here are some pictures from the setting up of the exhibition. I brought my little helper, but he preferred taking a long nap instead. ;-)

My Luxembourg photography exhibition by Christophe Van Biesen at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg City

And some more pictures of the finished exhibition:

How to purchase the art prints

I very often get the question "Are the prints for sale?" And I am happy to say: "Yes, they are!" All art prints displayed at the exhibition are for sale.

All art prints are limited edition, signed and numbered, artworks and are delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

If you wish to purchase a print or if you have any questions about the pictures, visit the Fine Art Prints section of my website and don't hesitate to contact me.

Sign the Guestbook

As usual, I left the Guestbook for all visitors to sign. So if you are at the EIB and come by the exhibition, leave me a note. It's always a pleasure reading through this book and discovering new messages after every exhibition.