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Collective Exhibition at Lecuit

The Street Photography Luxembourg collective is holding a new exhibition in collaboration with Lecuit. This latest exhibition brings the total of the collective's exhibition to three for this year. The vernissage took place during a special evening organised by the photo equipment shop Lecuit.

As usual, I had my camera at hand to make some pictures during the evening. Though this time around, I was clearly outnumbered by all the Leica-admirers. In case you did not know, Lecuit has a lot of Leica gear on display, and yesterday everybody could try out and play around with the latest Leica cameras. Although, now that I think about all those looks my Canon got yesterday, everybody there probably had a Leica-overdose and was just eager to try a different kind of camera... Anyway, here are some of the pictures made with my trusty Canon:

The photographers of Street Photography Luxembourg are:

  • Paul Bintner
  • Candi Carrera
  • Véronique Fixmer
  • Paulo Lobo
  • Dirk Mevis
  • Christophe Van Biesen
  • Jeff Mouton
  • David Phillips

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